Why Patent Drawings?

It is very important to have your inventions registered as a patent to your respective Authority and jurisdiction. Major Authorities are the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), IP AUSTRALIA,  UK IPO (Intellectual Property Office (United Kingdom). You can file your patent application in your respective jurisdiction etc patent lawyers can help you with the application.

How do we help to get your Patent drawings?

But we are here to help you with the most important part of the patent application i.e Drawings. Drawings to be submitted to the respective patent office should adhere to the rules laid by the office. Drawings should comply with the rules and regulations, each office has its own. Generally, they need drawings views of the product that phones the assembly and working, all parts involved in the product with nomenclature.

We do provide six major views of the product (Top, front, left, bottom, right, below), with an isometric view, exploded view, perspective, assembled view, and drawings working purpose. Sketch lines black and white with Squiggly ballons arrows and unique text styles fonts. One view on one page ( drawing template a vertical 8.5 x 11inches, no borderlines with plenty of margins, one view per page. Also, views don't have any default shading or tangent lines.

 So, We follow the respective standard and make the Patent drawings for you, ready to submit with your application.

 Softwares, We use Solidworks, creo, Photoshop, etc for the best patent drawings.

What we need from client to get started making patent drawing:

1) existing 3D CAD files of Assembly, product OR if 3D CAD is not available, we can help the client to make 3D CAD first from his invention, idea.

2) Hand sketches, dimensions, size or reference images and specifications(optional)

Contact us now to get the best deal for your product's patent Drawings. We understand inventors' compact budgets. Trust, that you will get the best patent drawings for as low as the price offered.