3D modeling in CAD

3D modeling in CAD is simply representation of any product or object in 3 Dimensions such as Length, breadth and height on Computer Screen.

why we need 3D CAD model 

Now why we need 3D modeling done for industrial or engineering products? 

We need the 3D model so that it can used for many purposes

1) we can easily communicate with the people who are looking for that object. If they have 3D of that product as step, stl or any other 3D CAD format, they can place that model in their assembly and instantly check if they choose right product. So quick selection and decision , no trial error, no time waste.

2) Concept ideas for error-free 3D design for prototype and testing before mass production. As we know there are high-end 3D printers online printing services that can turn your 3D design into a physical product that can be tested and reviewed for any kind of defects or Noncompliant design that we followed while developing the 3D model, so we get to know the design flaws before it gets mass-produced again Big Money and time Saving.

3) with 3d modeling, we have a 3D design and it's drawing ready for marketing, fabrication, export documentation, etc.

For 3D modeling of industrial products, we use Solidworks, creo.

 e.g two actual screenshots of Solidworks and creo


Producing high-quality actual-looking 2D images with texture, background surroundings, colors, environment, etc. from 3D CAD models is called Rendering.

These images are like Actual physical products photographed. These images plays vital role in Marketing, video promo and product document specification etc.

What we use for rendering

We use Keyshot, Photoview 360 for the rendering of 3D CAD models. Also, we use Solidworks Composer for producing high-quality images and Digital instructions manual and assembly instructions.

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