Sheet Metal Design

Sheet metal is widely used for making a wide variety of products in home appliances, aircraft frames, automotive parts, and construction fixtures. Washers, bin cans, mounting plates, brackets, etc.
With accurate sheet metal design, we can see how the product looks after manufacturing processes like bending, pressing, embossing and cutting, etc.

Also, with the modern CNC routers and machines, there is no need to do all bending calculators, gauge thickness, etc. All technical parameters of the sheet are covered and used while designing sheet metal parts in 3D CAD software like Solidworks or Creo. Once we have our 3D design ready, it can be 3D printed for prototype or testing. Not the least, we can have unfolding DXF or DWG of that 3D sheet metal parts and directly feed in CNC routers for cutting it.

This is how a ready design in sheet metal helps a lot. It saves time, repetition, and wastage. Helps clients to make decisions quickly for starting manufacturing processes for mass production. So, the wait is over, we are here can provide you best 3D sheet metal design, 2D DXF/ DWG drawing for CNC feed, along with technical drawings GD&T.

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