Isometric gate valve as Dynamic block in AutoCAD 

Whenever it comes to placing symbols in Isometric piping and instrumentation diagram, it becomes really time consumingBecause in Isometric we deal with least 6 different orientations. Therefore our task of scale, move, rotate commands increases a lot while placing these symbols.To reduce drafting time , we use the blocksWhich is flexible in editing thousands of blocks in files in no time, future modification can be ease.
In this video I will show you how can we make a fully functional dynamic block isometric gate valve. We applied scale, stretch, flip, align, rotate parameters and actions.

 Creating Custom symbols in creo with variable text and arrows

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 How to run a Trail file txt from within Creo 

How to run a Trail file txt from within Creo | VIRTUCADD

1. Save Trail file as txt

2. type play trail file in search box

3. click, browse your trail txt and run

in this video, i created approx 40 parameters in seconds in parameter dialog box. this can save time if many parametrs are required repeatedly for individual .prt files..